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Squash League Informatation

The Oasis Squash Club has one of the largest active squash league's in Wiltshire.  There is currently no fee to join the club in order to participate in the league.

The Oasis Squash League runs throughout the year and each league period lasts approximately 5-6 weeks.  At the start of each league period players are grouped into each division based on previous league performance or entry standard.  A division consists of between 4-6 players.  Players should attempt to play all other players in your division within the league period.  Players are responsible for arranging games with other players in their division using the contact list provided via the notice board at the Oasis Leisure Centre, or the e-mailed contact list, or the online list on the members’ website. Players are to share the cost of the court fee.

The more games a player plays the better chance of promotion to higher divisions. 

We use SportyHQ to manage our league, as this allows players to view league details, record match results, contact players and review statistics all from one system.

Click the logo below to view the Oasis Squash Club area on SportyHQ

Squash League Rules

The link to the current rules is detailed below:

Oasis Squash League Rules - Revised 9 October 2016

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